Writing Success Circle




Writing is a huge part of your business life. Do you:

  • work on a big project for delivery to the masses?
  • find it difficult to work under a looming deadline?
  • feel ready to throw in the towel and move onto another less-time-consuming project?
  • know that you have a task to do on a daily basis that will catapult your business, yet are resistant to doing?


…and anyone else who can relate to being stopped dead, in your tracks, knowing you have to do just this one thing to take your business and life to the next level…. and can’t….

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then, run, don’t walk, to the Writing Success Circle!


Next Session Begins May 1, 2017!


“I feel good that I have finally got accountability to do what I need to do to get where I want to be.”


Sound familiar?

When an idea comes to mind that could benefit you and the audience you command, you get so excited! With all the possibilities of the outcome for not only your clients, but for you as well, you are ready to soar!

But then, something happens. Once you start to do the research, start writing the copy, getting all the details in place, you feel a small shift. The excitement begins to subside. Little voices begin to enter your head.

“What are you doing?”

“Why aren’t you reaching out to your prospects?”

“Who will take this project — and you — seriously?”

“Where are you going to find the resources to support this venture?”

“Why are you sharing that information when you can be sharing something better, more concrete?”

“How in the world will you juggle your schedule to accommodate such a program?”

“And besides all that, who in the world is going to listen to you?”

You must confront these little voices, or they will derail you from creating your life-changing project!  They have the power to distract you, to procrastinate, to make you feel overwhelmed. So much so, you want to give up your dream.

Ever used these excuses?

As someone who has helped scores of writers over the past years, I’ve heard it all, or most of the same challenges with writing, over and again. You…

  • can’t find time to write
  • procrastinate
  • have ye olde writer’s block
  • feel no draft is ever good enough
  • fear that no one will read what you wrote
  • dread the bad comments and critiques
  • feel that you have nothing new or of value to say
  • are the slowest writer

Do you resonate with any of the items above? Or perhaps this happens, “I-have-to-do-this-now-but-I-don’t-want-to-do-this-now,”attitude settles in.

How often? Too many times to count or that you want to admit to?

You don’t have to be classified as a writer to be going through the fear of taking the steps that have you shaking in your boots, feel intimidated, inferior, or undeserving!

Biggest challenge of all.

But the biggest challenge I see when talking with each of my clients and collaborators is that they feel so alone in the process. They think that writing is easy for everyone else, or at least, the other writers make it look easy. Also, they think that something is wrong with them.

Hear me on this. There is nothing wrong with you!

Writing takes time and effort, and unlike writing an email or having a written, online conversation with someone, it can wear a person out!  Do the following points sound familiar?

Ready for a solution?

What if there was a solution to your procrastination — yes, a solution — a process put in place to help you with those tasks that always seem to challenge your time? What if this solution:

  • only took minutes in your day
  • created happiness in your life
  • actually generated revenue
  • replaced fear with accomplishment

Sound too far-fetched to be true?

I thought so, too, once, only a short time ago.

But then I thought why not try it. Why not let go of the old way of procrastination and feeling guilty later for not completing what I should have done earlier? I am ready to be the achiever, to have the success, and to be the inspiration for others like me who have this same problem!

How you can succeed with your writing.

In just a few minutes a day, you can:

  • stop the overwhelm
  • stop the negative voices
  • feel and be successful
  • achieve what you set out to do
  • do what you love to do and live the life of your dreams!

Not far-fetched.

Not out of the question.





Plus, you get unwavering support in the process!

Unbelievably, there is a system, a science, a proven method, a formula, that can be applied to every task which will supply results. Every. Single. Time.

And it only takes a few minutes each day!

Take action now.

Join the community here.

In just a few short days from now, you have the opportunity to participate in a program where you can get done what you want to get done, in a matter of minutes each day!

Think of the biggest, most burdensome task you have that you keep putting off completing. You know it has to get done if you want to succeed. And you also know how good you’ll feel when the task is accomplished.

No gimmicks. No tricks. No hype.

Just simple, easy-to-do instructions that YOU create.

Next Session Begins May 1, 2017!

Writing Success Circle



The Writing Success Circle Program

Imagine sitting inside a classroom with roughly 10 other people. You’re all there to do the same thing: work on your project. Each day you report on the small, daily steps you took towards your goal. A few of your classmates then stand up and give you encouragement or commiseration, advice, concurrence, or suggestions that lend support in accomplishing your task for the next day.

Now, imagine the classroom is virtual, meaning you are in a room with your classmates. However, you meet through the internet, in an online environment.

The best part of being inside this type of space is that your classmates can be from all over the world. And you can meet when the time is right for you both!

Long-Term Benefits

This program will quickly allow you to:

  • break through the blocks that have been stopping you from writing
  • write freely in your own voice
  • become more creative!
  • experience excitement about your writing
  • finally finish what you started
  • feel proud of your work
  • Eager to share your writing with peers

….and so much more!


The Group

group1sampleYou will log in to the secure site daily and share progress with your small group.  You’ll find that you’ll look forward to their support and encouragement, as you learn how to take small steps each day.




Your Daily Progress Report




Simple daily questions help you track your results, and reflect on your progress.




Peer and Coach Support

feature-commentsThe feedback and support received from your coach and fellow group members can be immeasurable. They can also lift your spirits if you’ve had a rough day. cheer as you cross the finish line, or share their wisdom and knowledge with you if you are feeling stuck on a certain point. Plus, you can return the favor! In fact, commenting on your classmates’ posts is highly encouraged.


Charts & Graphics

feature-graphsAs the days turn to weeks, you can see the progress you’ve made. There are line graphs to show the increase of time spent on a task. Bar graphs show how you felt during your work. The pie chart visual shows which days of the week are the most productive for you. The results are eye-opening!


Discussion Forums

feature-forumsChances are, if you have a question, someone else has the same question. The Forum is the place to ask for an answer. You may ask a question of your group or all groups in the same program.



Live Chat

feature-chatEnd the isolation in more ways!  You can chat with other members of your small group, or with members of all the small groups.  You can also invite them to a private chat if you wish.  Many enjoy planned work chats.




Resource Wiki

feature-wikiAnd just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, there is a resource page that will be dynamic and grow with information throughout the program. Anything that will help you to succeed in your goals.


What more could you need?

Did I mention special training and Q&A calls for the members? I wouldn’t recommend something that I haven’t tried myself.

After I learned the simple steps that I needed to do, and most importantly, once I had the incredible support of my group, I quickly became productive.  I was able to blast through two important projects that I had previously avoided like the plague.

The networking alone with people from all over the world is priceless! Who knows where your next joint venture partner will come from!

Next Session Begins May1 , 2017!


There is a psychological benefit to setting a timer for 15 minutes. A certain shift in your mindset that is hard to explain. I have wanted to write a goal statement for years and now after 35 minutes in this program it is finished! WOW! Life Is Amazing!

~ Ms. G.


Click the link below to rid yourself of the resistance in getting your projects completed NOW.

Yes! I want to join the Writing Success Circle!

What have you got to lose, except for a few bad habits that are stopping you from feeling successful and happy?

If you spend a short period of time doing your work and then engaging with your fellow group members and your coach, you will be thrilled with your newfound productivity. You will revel in the disappearing anxiety. And you will once again be proud to call yourself a success!

Join the community here.

Next Session Begins Monday, May 1, 2017!

Writing Success Circle




What is the Writing Success Circle?

The Circle is a place where all creatives (coaches, intuitives, mentors, content designers) gather to increase daily productivity. This is done by answering a few questions, which remain the same each day, that provides 1) an overview on what the initial plan had been for the day, 2) what you actually got done, 3) the amount of time spent on the specific task, and 4) how you felt about it all.


What are the benefits of this program?

You are someone who needs to get your work out and into the world. But more often than not, there are times when you experience— well, let’s just say you don’t get done what you always plan. By setting aside a short period of time each day to focus on the one task that you know will take your business to the next level you can 1) eliminate procrastination, 2) increase productivity (which can lead to increasing your bottom line), and 3) become accountable and be in integrity with yourself (doing what you say you will). As a result, this program will help you create, track and achieve your goals.


Why should I join?

People who participate find that being in a group with others like them, who struggle and are resistant to certain tasks of doing business, especially writing content, benefit from the supportive environment, to be sure, as well as witnessing daily progress—yours and theirs.


What can I expect from such a group?

The atmosphere of the group is an important piece to its success. You have the opportunity to receive the support of your fellow members. In addition, you can return the favor and offer them your encouraging and inspirational words of wisdom as they submit their daily postings.


What can I expect as an individual member?

Besides the inspirational support and wisdom received from the other participants, there is always a chance to network. You may find a new joint venture partner. You may discover new ways to do something in your business that you’ve never thought about before. You may also be encouraged—and moved!—to complete a task you’ve been resistant to doing, such as making phone contact with past, current, and potential clients to get them to participate in your program. (Happened to me!)


How is this different than a Facebook group?

How often have you asked for feedback in a Facebook group and there is no response? With the Writing Success Circle groups you won’t feel as if you’re all alone, shouting into an empty, echo chamber. The number of participants is limited anywhere between 7 and 10 people. This provides an environment that feels safe and secure while sharing your progress and, if you’re open to it, your defeats. The big difference with the Writing Success Circle is that you do not need an account on social media, such as Facebook, to participate.


What if I don’t have time for this?

If you enter the Circle you will, believe it or not 1) manage your time better, 2) save time in the long run, and 3) find even more time for the projects you do enjoy. With only a few minutes each day (average time in the room is 7-8 minutes) dedicated to the process, along with the encouragement received from your coach and peers, your emotional state actually becomes steadier, making you happier during the day. Isn’t the increased probability of happiness and joy worth the eight minutes applied to removing your resistance?


Will anyone read or edit my work?

No. The only “work” the group members will read is what you share about the process in completing your daily goal. However, if you specifically want feedback on you are developing, there are options to upload files to the progress area, and also in the public forum.


Is this a course or a class?

No. You’ve probably had enough seminars, webinars, and tele-classes, and don’t any more. So, you already have had the training behind what you need to do. The main goal with the Writing Success Circle is to help you develop a strong “get-it-done habit” by setting aside a period of 15-30 minutes each day to complete a goal that will bump you up a level in your business and enjoy your life. There will be, however, group calls interspersed during the session to help support you in your endeavors.


Do I have to be a writer to be in the Circle?

No. But no matter what field or career you’re in, writing is a major part of content creation. If you’re just starting a business, you have probably been told you need to write a business plan. If you want to do podcasts, you need a script, or at least an outline. Or if you are retired and just like to dabble in writing a blog, then you require focused time to create that. Literally, in anything, writing is an essential piece in acquiring and achieving your goals.


I missed the last session. Will there be more offered?

Yes. Bookmark this page to view when the next session starts. Or, if you prefer, download my free report, “Why You Will Never Be a Maya Angelou, Mark Twain, Steven Spielberg: Attributes Famous Authors Have That You Don’t Need” found at the upper right hand corner of this webpage, and you will be notified via email. (Shameless plug: You will also receive other timely information from me, such as the weekly Wisdom Mastery newsletter.


Who can I contact if I have question or need more support?

Please forward your question or concern to Info at PeggyLeeHanson dot com.


Next Session Begins Monday, May 1, 2017! 




“Anything new seems overwhelming at first. Then you start understanding the process and why you are doing the tasks and it becomes a journey of discovery that you are very Excited to be on!”

Glenda K.