“What are you going to do for the rest of your life?”

That is a question asked of us beginning when we are little, and which plagues us for the rest of our life. And for some of us, one that often goes unanswered for many years.

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From the time my older sister was five years old she knew that nursing is what she wanted to do. I’ve known other people who knew at an early age what they wanted to do. I, however, was not one of them.

At least not a profession.

I do remember as a six-year-old knowing that I wanted to be a mother, to have a child of my own whom to love. Having a husband, though, was not a part of the picture somehow.

As I grew older I don’t remember thinking much about having a family or anything else of what I wanted to do or be. When in Middle School (Junior High back in those days) I was told by my then music teacher I could be a great singer if I wanted and also if I practiced hard.

“But I don’t want to be a rockstar,” I thought.  And that was that.

As a teenager I began to journal small entries in a makeshift diary. I’m not sure that I kept it, yet I can still see and feel the bright purple and green flowers on the cover. I wrote a few poems and even created a song about a boy, which I played on my guitar.

Although naive and innocent, yet “coming of age,” I wrote a scathing dirty little book (sex scenes included!). I do know that I no longer have that book!

Writing became more and more a part of my life after that. I wrote for release, but also for fun. I would take a popular song and change the lyrics to accommodate a celebrated occasion such as a birthday or retirement of someone I knew. Unknown at the time, my older brother would do the same, rewrite a song. He and I are a lot alike.

You may feel as you write as if you are alone, but you really are not. For instance, while writing this first installment, I have been talking with you the entire time.

“Writing means never having to be alone,” has become my new tagline. What are your thoughts on that, or on this article, if you have any? Please share them below. I’d love to hear from you.

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