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workshop-photoIt happened last week.

You may have heard that I launched a new division to my company. The idea was delivered in a true divine inspiration sort of way. I took all the right actions to move forward: purchased the URL, created the Facebook Fan Page, wrote a blog post to announce the arrival, and much more. The launch had been very successful.

What also happened last week was this: I was to give a speech for my local Toastmasters club. The project I’d chosen was from the Storytelling manual, “The Moral of the Story.”

I researched via Google stories on morals; you know, like the Hare and the Tortoise, in that you never want to take your opponent for granted because she may just beat you at your own game.

Finding a few stories that piqued my interest, I never heard of them before; so I’d have to learn the story fast–as it was only a few short hours before my speech! Eek!

You can’t do this! There’s no time left! What are you going to do? You can’t do this!

Yep. That was me. Hard to believe, right? Miss Positivity?

Well, I knew I had to pull it and me together. The voice inside changed.

You can do this! You can write books and posts in record time! You can write a 7-minute speech, for gosh-sakes!!

I then went back to the manual to read the objectives for the speech. It was possible to take a moral and create my own story. And so I did.

The speech was a success. I received laughs and chuckles. But when it came to the moral —– I forgot the words!!!

“It’s one thing to propose, it’s another to execute!”

Amen, Sister! Amen!

To your success,


Rethink being grounded!


As an entrepreneur or business owner, what have you accomplished? Meaning, how successful have you been launching a product or service? Have you made hundreds of dollars? Thousands? You’re on track for the coveted 7-figure business?

If you’re not making the money you want, perhaps you need to break free from your current model and/or partners. They may be the very thing that is holding you back!

If you were on your own, what would you do? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

To your success,


compassionThis post is coming a few days late. First I was busy. Second, the Chopra website was down. Last, I had a deadline to meet. Yup. All excuses and not a single one a valid reason. But that’s another post for another day.

Regardless of being late I vowed—made a promise—to you my faithful reader that I would write and post 21 days—or installments—while going through the meditation process.

Today’s centering thought hits deep.

“My love and compassion are within.”

It hits deep because even though I missed a few days I had to feel compassion for myself and forgive the lateness of my writing. And when compassion is present love immediately follows.

Can you afford compassion today and truly love and let go the mistakes made or the promises you did not deliver on?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

To your finding power within,


Lake Michigan 02

Today’s daily thought and meditation centers around the power within.

“My power and strength are within.”

When I registered for this meditation series a month ago, who knew that it would coincide and be synchonistic with the #FindingPowerWithin tele-series! I am reminded over and again how powerful the Universe is and just how connected we all are to it and to each other.

My hope is for you to know all you need, all that you require to live, love, and have joy and prosperity in your life is within YOU. Mentors can teach you how to reach the space where it lives, yet simply resting and getting quiet to allow the goodness to enter is the beginning of a beautiful and glorious relationship!

As you go through today, sit for a moment with your eyes closed — one minute or less will be plenty of time. When the voices come to you, silently and politely tell them you’re busy and will get back to them soon.

Peace, joy, love, and happiness to you, my friend.

To your empowerment,


Lake Michigan Beauty





Today’s daily thought and meditation centers around happiness.

“I am the source of unlimited happiness.”

And I sure am! Are you?

The clouds keep hiding the sun today; however, they do not totally block out the warm rays. It is this way with happiness. Being happy has nothing to do with the outside world, but has everything to do with you on the inside.

You see, happiness is a state of existence. You can choose to be happy at the beginning, because that is a very good step to get you out of any hole you dug yourself into. Or you can simply be happy because that is who you are, and your circumstances does not beget your state of mind.

While dealing with my corporate nemesis, I chose to be happy regardless of her efforts to make me otherwise. And it worked! Not so much due to the fact that it irritated her I still could be in a great mood, but because I could be in a great mood!!

When you go into your Self, look into your Soul, and seek the truth, you will always find a bit of happiness waiting for you. Why? Because you don’t need to go looking for it any place else. It’s right there, in you.

What do you think about where happiness comes from?

I’d love to hear!

To your writing success,


A day of epiphany 2014


Today is a religious day of celebration, The Epiphany, when the Three Wise Men visit the Baby Jesus.

For me on this date in history, it has been marked with more personal revelations. Perhaps this has been by divine design?

This morning I awoke around 2AM and, knowing I would not go back to immediate slumber, began writing in my journal.

“People who need people are the luckiest people in the world…”

You may be familiar with the tune sung by Barbra Streisand.

The realization that settled into my bones was one of being OK in needing others to help me succeed during my endeavors, no matter what they may be at the time. A few weeks ago, however, I remarked that I wasn’t really looking for a partnership where my business was concerned; I must do this on my own.

And then this thought struck me, one that I’ve said to many others along my growth path these past years: Just because you are in business for yourself, doesn’t mean you have to be in business by yourself.

People who have a team of people helping them to be successful are the luckiest people in the world!

This year my plan includes rebuilding the team that will assist in manifesting my dream of being a highly and well paid writer, so that I will achieve a goal of financial abundance, of which is the theme I chose for 2014. I will also become a practitioner of what I preach and mentor my clients to do: obtain, maintain, and retain the support necessary to receive what you seek!

Rome wasn’t built in day and neither was the Big U, what I call the Universe. It is my belief, as well, that those behind constructing either of those masses did not do it alone.

The message I have for you today, writer, mentor, coach, speaker, whoever you are or whatever you do, is to go find those who will build your empire, your Big U, so you too can be filled with financial abundance this year and every year to come!
I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Please share below.

To your success,


I’m serious… what would it look like? How might you feel?

Imagine an hour or even an entire day without saying one negative thing about any one person or any one situation—could you do it? Would you try?

Back in the 1990s I was faced with being in a corporate environment that was considered hostile due to a sexual harassment lawsuit pending. Talk about negativity and complaining! The two people involved were a good male friend and my nemesis, a female coworker.

I can’t go into the details of the case, but I can share with you that both parties were found at fault for creating a situation that clearly and quickly got out of hand.

This was a time when I had been learning more about myself, how to step back and be objective, and what I needed to do to become happy in the workplace. There were a few reasons why I wanted to travel this path.

Be happy both at home and at work. I loved being home with my husband and kids. I loved being with a few of my coworkers, but still wasn’t getting along with still another few. Something needed to change for me to be content in all areas of my life. It was while walking this path that I discovered I could not change how others perceived me—I could change in how I perceived them! Many find this little gem early in life; I, however, was to be a little older. Better late than never, they say!

Be a positive example and influence. Being in the union environment, I was acutely aware of stewards who did not seem to be representing their members judiciously; and I wanted to change that. But as I learned about how to be happy, I learned that living by example is the best influence anyone could have. I ran for my classification’s representative and won!

Succeed and exceed. If I rose above the clamor and clatter I just knew that I would excel in everything I wanted to experience and attempt. Paying attention to only what I was doing, how I performed my work to the best of my ability, being kind to everyone—including my nemesis—then I would go far; and indeed, I did. During those years in the corporate union environment, I became vice-president of our association and participated in company negotiations in the CEO’s boardroom, and was known for my quiet yet firm leadership.

With large aspirations, you must begin with small steps; and those steps begin with and live inside you.

What do you want to achieve in the short term? In the long term? Imagine the possibility of getting everything you dream of without one iota of whine.

Experts say that to change a habit—or to acquire one—you must be in continuous flow for twenty-one days. However, this expert says begin one moment at a time, then graduate slowly up to a day, then two, and work your way up to the three weeks. If you go full tilt on the habit-changing designated timeframe you may be setting yourself up for failure. For the one time you catch yourself not following the rules you set down, you may become so despondent that you do not wish to continue in this folly.

But here’s a fantastic bit of advice: you can start all over again as soon as you realize you messed up. Use no judgment, and simply begin anew right here, right now.

Are you ready to begin a life of no complaining? Try it on for size. I’d love to hear the results you experience.

To your success,


“Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain but it takes character and self-control to be understanding and forgiving.”

~Dale Carnegie

Should old acquaintences be forgot?

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Tis the day of December thirty-first
When all ye lads and lasses
Are either blessed or cursed
With time that ultimately passes.

How did you fare in 2013? Will it be a year you looked on as one that was fun, exhilarating, and successful? Or will you perceive the past year as one you hope never to relive again?

If you are like most, a little of each may be in order.

Celebrate the moments of your life, but leave the past buried that which does not serve you.

What if you were to be told that the bad deserves to live on with the good? That the bad contributes to your growth and overall happiness?

My year was less than stellar; however, I am very grateful and thankful for everything that came my way. I have new direction. I have a new home. I have a new grandchild on the way. I have many new friends, acquaintances, business relationships. I am excited and hopeful for my future, my clients’ future, and my kids’ future!

As you may now know, writing is my first love. I have discovered that I want to help other would-be-writers to become published authors — just as I have become.

Ah, yes, the new year is full of brightness, joy, happiness, success; it is the year of my financial abundance–the theme I’ve chosen for 2014. This is the third year of this practice, each being a success in its own right. First was my visibility, joining Toastmasters, an organization to help with public speaking. The next year was honing in on prosperity; and clearly it was as I received income 11 out of 12 months from my business. So with this year, I can clearly envision not only my own financial abundance and success, but that of my clients, too.

I also dedicate 2014 to my writing, my personal ventures with words of wisdom to share with the world. For I am ready to forge ahead, making a path for others to follow, only to show that it can be done.

It is my intention that this column will be the virtual writing on the wall to help all writers of all types of content to make it through the blocks they may encounter; to celebrate their writing successes; and, if needed, to assist in getting their words of wisdom out into this big, beautiful world in which we live.

Please check out the pages above, especially the services I offer, and the latest Writing 101 eClass that begins this Thursday, January 2. Also be sure to download the writing attributes document if you are in need of inspiration, encouragement, and support with your writing.

Have questions or comments? I’d love to hear them!

To your writing success,

Peggy Lee

Rainbow to Field of Poppies and LupinesYuk!

Now, don’t get me wrong here. Today is the first day of what’s left of your breathing existence. The famous quote was simply stuck in my head until I let it out—and the commentary after it!

I examine why this sarcasm occurred.

Perhaps it is because it is very early in the morning as I sit down to write this post and I have not yet had my coffee.

Maybe it’s because the quote is overused and abused.

Or it could be that I’m in that kind of mood.

I choose the third reason.

When I first woke this morning (at 5am) I thought to myself, “You have two more hours.” But then, my mind began to churn with the tasks I want to accomplish this day, and I could sleep no more. These churning thoughts, however, were like sweet butter and not a sour stomach.

So why did the latter seem to be the case for my less than positive commentary? I’m working on it… I’m working on it.

As I search my inner world for the answer, what I hear is this: it got you the intro you needed to begin today’s writing. Nothing more. Nothing less.

OK. I can accept that because here I am, over 200 words later!

Authentic articulation. The words that come from deep within that talk to you, speak with you, let’s you know what’s going on at the soul level.

I love to sit in my comfy chair, my netbook (mini-laptop) comfortably in my lap, fingers poised on the keys, and with my eyes closed as I begin to transfer the free-flowing thoughts of my mind onto the screen. I take no care to create new paragraphs, grammar, spelling, or content. I stop when the mind has emptied.

Unconscious writing in this manner becomes a conscious exercise in reaching understanding of your Self. I liken it to a form of meditation, yet one that asks for the noise, the inner chatter so that when all is said and done, your mind is silent, spent in its thoughts, and open to let in the wisdom.

A few writers prefer to take pen in hand to write; I do too. However, I use handwriting for a different effect, especially when new ideas pop into my head a mile a minute. It is quicker to write in my business journal and in a circle or square or how I picture those thoughts.

What practices do you have when it comes to writing? I’d love to hear about them.

To your writing success,



“If I fall asleep with a pen in my hand, don’t remove it—I might be writing in my dreams.” ~Danzae Pace