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If you are ready to:

  • write a book
  • create a workshop
  • develop training

   … but don’t have the time or expertise it takes to create communication solutions that a project requires:

  • writing
  • editing
  • publishing
  • instructional design
  • educational materials
  • and so much more

… you’ve come to the right place!

Your Creative Communication Solutions Await

Imagine having someone help organize your thoughts, all those sticky-notes plastered about, and the plethora of computer files created over the years to finally get that book written or that workshop created!

Imagine having more time to develop even more content–after all, that is what you were meant to be doing–getting your own blessing, expertise, and ideas out there!

Imagine having more joy, happiness, and financial success that comes from sharing the wisdom you hold with the world!

Rewards are abundant when you can focus on what you do best. Having someone who is committed to your success is beyond measure, and often required to obtain the prosperity you seek.

With over 25 years’ experience, I can assist you in creating simple to elaborate content.

  • Newsletters
  • Technical manuals
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Workshop matter
  • Student and teacher guides
  • Learning modules
  • Print and eBooks
  • Placards and posters
  • and much more!
“Peggy is a quality instructional designer and writer. She is a hard worker, dedicated to creating excellent curriculum. Her content knowledge paired with her training skills makes her a strong team member. She practices sound design principles through her great commitment to learners. As a result, she creates learner-focused, engaging training that meets performance needs time after time. Her responsiveness, business insights, and enthusiasm for training are key qualities I valued when working with Peggy.”
~Angelique Onu, Medtronic

 Sample Programs and Investment

Everyone, even you, wants to know what the bottom line is: What will it cost?

Well, each project is as unique and different as you are. Therefore, I like to have a conversation with you first to determine if, not only that I am the right answer for your communication solution, but you are a fit for me too.

No matter what your current need is — a writer, editor, publisher, or designer — I am here to help.


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Writing. Of course, creating a 200-page print book will be different than a 50-page ebook. However, if research is to be done on a topic, or a subject matter expert is to be consulted, these actions can increase the complexity and the amount of time to produce the communication solution of a book—regardless of output type (print, PDF, MOBI)—to create the workshop, or to compile instructional material. Types of writing include but are not limited to: business ghostwriting (includes marketing strategies), technical procedures, and copywriting. Testimonial writing is for book only, not, for example, Amazon reviews.

Editing/Proofing. You may consider yourself the best writer in the world; however, even the great writers–Clancy, Tolstoy, King, Christie–had editors. Why? Having an impartial yet understanding eye, someone who is not as close and attached to the work as you, can see what could make your script even better! Forms of editing: light for the most expert of writers, and heavy for those writers who need more guidance in building their sentences. Proofing ensures accuracy of content; such as no missing words and URLs navigate correctly to the said website.

“Peggy Lee Hanson’s editing helped me to bring out the best in my book, Escape From Diet Prison: The Key To A Stress-free Relationship With Food. In my opinion, the importance of a great editor cannot be overstated. An author is so familiar with their own book and passionate about the subject matter that they don’t recognize their mistakes, the lack of clarity, or what may be missing that is necessary for their book to flow logically, to be a complete work. Peggy Lee’s insight helped me, not only to correct, but to improve upon what I had written. I HIGHLY recommend her services, and will definitely be using her services again in the future!” ~Lianda Ludwig, Best-selling Author, Make It So Mindset

Layout & Publishing. You’ve created your work of written art, had it edited, and now ready to send it out into the world. Your masterpiece belongs solely to you, along with the publishing rights.

The content you share is important; how that content is displayed in the book even more so. Consistency is the form your reader appreciates, especially with  non-fiction writing. Why? Because they can digest your wisdom faster and deeper when chapters are laid out in the same way; bullet points are indented using the same measure; exercises you may include are quickly found; quotes used are easily recognizable for future reference. Layout of material aids the reader and will keep them coming back to your work. And layout is all-important when uploading ebooks, too.

There are three main distribution avenues to share your work: PDF, print, and electronic books.

PDFs can be instantaneously downloaded by your reader and you do not have to go through any publishing site, such as Amazon or Smashwords.  PDFs are also a great way to say “thanks” to your followers or to gain even more. You can give these types of books away or charge a fee to access them. No big-house publisher to take away your profits.

Print and ebooks, however, could give you the notoriety you deserve. Traditional publishing uses an agent, where self-publishing (the format offered here), gives you more control of your content, especially with your own International Standard Book Number (ISBN)–the book’s identification number. No matter how you publish, obtaining an ISBN is highly recommend to protect your rights as author and publisher.

“Peggy is an experienced, published author–she knows what it takes and explained it in simple terms every step along the way. She was always pleasant, kind, patient and very communicative. Peggy knows all the HTML stuff and I did not have to deal with any of it. She took my book content and uploaded it into the right format, and in my case even uploaded my book images to fit nicely with my content. Peggy got it done within a very impressive time frame and was flexible and willing to re-pace things when waiting on deliverables from me (book cover image, book description). She made it fun, easy and exciting. I felt very supported and in the best of hands working with Peggy.” ~Lisa Rykert, Life & Career Coach, Kula Coaching

Mentoring. As a Certified Dream Coach® I excel at making your dreams come true. Imagine having the tools you need to achieve any dream you may have at the ready! Imagine all the unwavering support and dedication desired to help you be the success you dream of! All within 90 days or less. You say no way in that short of time? I say you will see results after 60 minutes or less!

Discover who you are. Uncover your strengths. Recover from past experiences or relationships that may be holding you back.

What does mentoring  in this capacity have to do with communication solutions? Everything! You may not be able to write the book you want because of voices you’ve heard in the past–either from friends or family, but also from your own mind: You’re not good enough. Who do you think you are? Who will read what you write or be interested in what you have to say?

You don’t want to silence those voices, for they are the ones that push you to prove them wrong. You also want to hear from them, as they are the driving force for you to write your book! You do, however, want to quiet them by answering their concerns. When accomplishing this, you will feel an inner peacefulness and confidence never before experienced!

“Along with her unique writing abilities, Peggy Lee has a very positive approach to life, which is most uplifting and encouraging.” ~ Kathleen Wesselink, Toastmaster Youth Group Leader

Investment. As mentioned above, this varies and will be discussed when we speak during the consultation call. As a rule of thumb with the information received, I typically charge by project and not by the hour for publishing or mentoring. Regardless, we need to talk!

Don’t have time to write a book, much less worry about getting it edited, proofed, and published??

Consider an all-in-one package.

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You are a creator. You have information that is bursting to come out. You want to figure out how to quiet those voices clamoring inside your head long enough to get your thoughts down on paper.

You believe you are not good enough to write. Who will read your words?

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You will then receive the answers to these questions and much more. Once inside, you will also read about a special writing class I offer during the year to help you get your writings done!

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